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How to Choose Your Brand Colors

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

rom the yellow helmet of a construction worker to a bride’s pristine gown, colors are quick to convey important information. Their strong and immediate impact make color palettes a crucial component of any business’s branding efforts.

The color scheme you’ll assemble for your brand will play a key role across your various marketing assets, To help your business stand out with the right brand colors, this complete guide covers everything from what brand colors are all about, to a step-by-step process for choosing your own.

  1. Establish your brand identity

  2. Explore color meanings

  3. Search for inspiration

  4. Pick your primary color

  5. Choose your secondary colors

  6. Select neutral colors

  7. Test your brand colors

Brand colors are a palette of around five to ten colors that are used to represent a certain company. A consistent and strategic application of brand colors can increase brand awareness and recognizability.

Some of the main applications of brand colors include: a company’s logo, website color scheme, social media channels, business card design, and print and digital ads. For businesses operating as brick-and-mortar, the brand colors can also apply to the design of the store, staff uniforms, product packaging, and more.

Pantone is the best way to keep your colors consistent on all your brand materials

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